How many times in your life have you been brought to your knees with a desperate need to find an answer?.  Life is a mix of happiness, sadness, joy, gloom, defeat, victory, disappointment, satisfaction, sadness, frustration, loss, gain, heartbreak, jubilee, emotion, hardness, comfort, cruelty and pain.  There are many words that could be added to this list, but i am sure you get the message..  I had  experienced so many sad days in my life that it was difficult to see any hope of happy days ahead.  Sometimes the most  needed lessons in our lives are learned after we have been hurt over and over and concluded that there is nothing good to look forward to.  When I learned for sure that God is real and that the creator of all things wants to be my close personal friend, my life suddenly changed, and now so many good things are happening I am finding it difficult to think that there can ever be another sad time in the days ahead.  I know that those times of sadness will come, but I also know that I have a friend with me who can take me through it all, and I also know that everything will end up in victory filled with peace love and joy in my life no matter what I have to face.

When I was praying, I somehow found a way to ask the proper question to God as my heart was ready to open up and accept his will for my life.  “What shall I do…?”  That is the question that can cause your life to change, and the entire world around you will suddenly be worth living in.  When you ask this question you must have a sincere heart and be willing to accept the answer that the mighty God of Heaven and earth  will give you.  This question was asked by a group of people who had just been involved in the slaughter of Jesus Christ on a cross.  You can read about them in the second chapter of the book of Acts in the Bible.  Peter spoke strong words to these guilty folks, and their hearts were cut deeply.  These guilty souls found that they were going through a terrible time in their lives as they were being made aware that the innocnet one they had murdered was alive again with power over all things.  As Peter spoke to them they knew that they were in deep trouble.   Read their question in Acts 2:37.  “….What shall we do…?”  The answer they received is recorded in Acts 2:38.  Repent and be baptized every one of you  in the name of Jesus Christ…and you will receive the Holy Spirit…” When they did this, they were set free from their guilt and shame, and the very Lord they had crucified became a close personal friend to each one of them and erased the record of their personal invovement in the crime of the ages.

That is also what happened to me when I finally asked that powerful question.  I found the same answer in my life that was provided almost 2000 years ago for anybody in any time who would ask it with a sincere heart.  Now I am a new creature with no guilt even though I do not feel that I should be worthy of such mercy and grace.     You can be set free from anything that may be wrong in your life right now if you are ready to sincerely ask that same question and accept the same answer.

May God smile on you today as you consider these words.

Ren Rutledge